Asus K751LJ Battery

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Brand New Asus K751LJ K751LJ-TY K751LJ-Txxxx Battery: Discount 4 cells Li-ion Asus K751LJ Series Laptop Batteries

  • Type: Internal 4-cell Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack with Cable
  • Replace Battery for Computer Model: All Asus K751LJ Series Notebooks
  • Battery Capacity: 37wh 2500mAh
  • Battery Voltage: DC 14.4/14.8v 2S2P
  • CE/RoHS/UL Approved, 100% Compatible with Original Asus Genuine K751LJ-TY468T K751LJ-TY452T K751LJ-TY450T K751LJ-TY443T K751LJ-TY418T K751LJ-TY416T K751LJ-TY414T K751LJ-TY413T K751LJ-TY401T K751LJ-TY367T K751LJ-TY292T K751LJ-TY288T K751LJ-TY112H K751LJ-TY087H K751LJ-TY080T K751LJ-TY059H K751LJ-TY039H K751LJ-T4305T-BE K751LJ-T4211T etc Batteries
  • Warranty: Full One Year



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