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Asus X541NA-QC1-RD-CB QC2-CB QP2ST-CB X541NA-YS01 Battery


Original Asus X541NA-QC1-RD-CB X541NA-QC2-CB X541NA-QP2ST-CB X541NA-YS01 X541NA-PD1003Y Battery: Asus 36Wh 3.35Ah X541NA-GQ Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

  • Type: 3 cells Lithium-ion Primary Battery Pack for Asus X541NA Series(X541NA-DM175T X541NA-DM177T X541NA-DM309T X541NA-GQ008 X541NA-GQ028T X541NA-GQ089T X541NA-GQ121T X541NA-GQ125T X541NA-GQ148T X541NA-GQ171T X541NA-GQ194T X541NA-GQ212T X541NA-GQ227T X541NA-GQ229 X541NA-GQ230T X541NA-GQ268T X541NA-GQ323T X541NA-GQ526T X541NA-GQ588T X541NA-GQ604T X541NA-GQ726T X541NA-PD1003Y X541NA-QC1-RD-CB X541NA-QC2-CB X541NA-QP2ST-CB X541NA-YS01 etc) and others
  • Battery Capacity: 3,350mAh 36Wh
  • Output Voltage: 10.8v
  • Warranty: 12-month

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